Roots Of Creation

#3 Ananto Damm: Bock of Seagulls

January 6, 2022

Welcome back to Roots of Creation! Our third chapter features an interview we did with Ananto Damm, who has spent decades with the saga, and was a friend of Ior Bock. His knowledge of the saga is extensive, to say the least, and it's been Ananto's goal to share as much of the saga and his life working with it as he can. He has an incredible youtube channel filled with crucial information and he also runs a German speaking Bock Saga telegram with over a thousand members and growing! We cover a lot of ground here, as per usual, and we hope you gain a deeper perspective with this talk.

We have also contemplated eventually creating a Bock Saga telegram companion to Ananto's, for English speaking people. We will keep you all updated on this if it does indeed come to fruition. Many big things coming in 2022 for all of us, including the 3 of us here at RoC. You may even see a full blown Bock Saga documentary at some point... we shall see. We will give what we can friends.


Ananto Damm:

Telegram - BOCKSAGA - Die Geschichte der Menschheit: 


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