Roots Of Creation

Michel Merle: Garden of Heathen

November 24, 2021

Welcome back to Roots of Creation. Our second episode features Michel Merle, a close friend of the late Ior Bock, and one of the primary messengers of the Bock Saga. In 1984, Ior began educating Michel and a select few others in the alphabet of the Root language, which the saga itself comes out of. Michel is also one of the main storytellers who assisted with the 2017 book, Bock Saga: An Introduction. This book lays a lot of the history from the saga into plain understanding, but to hear Michel speak about the saga is an entirely different experience. The Bock Saga is meant to be told orally, because the Bock Saga is a story about sound. Some of the topics discussed at a broad stroke can be very controversial, but part of what makes the Bock Saga so intriguing is its’ ability to shatter dichotomies, and expose broader understandings of polarizing concepts. Michel was a wonderful guest and we hope to have more opportunities to learn from him in the future.


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